2010 ART ASIA Miami

2010 ART ASIA Miami

Miami, U.S.A.

Stepping out of Taiwan, Aiming to Globalize Taiwanese Art

It has been Da Xiang Art Space’s long-term goal since our foundation that Taiwanese art will be spotted on the international stage and be appreciated by people around the world. Based on that goal, we have been endeavoring to step out of Taiwan into other territories worldwide, introducing Taiwanese art to the international market. Da Xiang Art Space is pleased to announce our second-time participation at Art Asia in Miami this December. Our being invited twice by Art Asia is surely an evidence that Taiwanese art market is mature and has its unique charm. By participating such renowned international expositions and taking the advantage of extensive international art exchanges they provide, Da Xiang Art Space aims to extend as well as penetrate our influence widely to every corner of the world.

The focus of our exhibition in Miami is mainly on Zhang Yu and his Fingerprint Silk series debuted recently in Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. To present viewers the best, we plan to use the concept of space diversion to introduce Zhang’s works. In the artist’s Fingerprint series he acts as an ascetic monk and uniquely sears the spirit of Zen in these works. Besides, we will also introduce another two artists during this event—Hsu Ruifu and Xiao Lu—and their works. Hsu’s newly-launched series this year has unique styles as usual and is still full of indescribable tension. As for Xiao Lu, his Love Letter series (since 2009) are collections of the artist’s day-to-day letters. What is unique about these letters is that Xiao mixes traditional Chinese medicine with carbon pens and writes on rice paper. In these letters, the artist reveals his private and obscure inner thought in soliloquy. It is not clear whether these dialogues are addressed to the artist himself, while they seem to be an abstract way of narration.

Passionate for art, Da Xiang Art Space has been making an all-out effort to extend our territory to as many places as possible to introduce the world more premium and creative Taiwanese artists. With ceaseless endeavors, we aims to let Taiwanese art be spotted and keep shining on the international stage.

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