2010 KIAF

2010 KIAF

Seoul, Korea

Press Release of KIAF and Follow-up News about Art Taipei

In the exhibition at Art Taipei 2010, Da Xiang Art Space has demonstrated its consistent academic style, with pithy tasteful interior design and simple fashion. Da Xiang’s complete curatorial manner has also made it receive applause from all sectors. What is also worth mentioning is that, in the opening of Art Taipei, deputies from Queensland State office in Taiwan, Australian Commerce & Industry Office, and the German Institute were all present to pay Da Xiang Art Space to their compliments. Besides, during the exhibition Chung Ching-Hsin—director of Da Xiang Art Space—was invited to the Art Taipei Forum to discuss regarding the topic “Transformation of New Generation Galleries and New Partnership between Art Exhibition and Galleries.” Her splendid and in depth discussion won high praise from the audience. Furthermore, Da Xiang Art Space has been long showing its determination to continuously recruit potential young artists and promote their artworks. Rookie artist Hsu Ruifu is one of the typical examples. Under the patronage of Da Xiang, Hsu has had outstanding achievements in recent years. He was elected as one of the potential young Taiwanese artists last year by “Made in Taiwan—Young Artist Discovery,” Art Taipei. And with Da Xiang’s recommendation, Hsu’s works have become collections in National Taiwan Museum.

“Selecting the different and making the selection unique” has been Da Xiang Art Space’s company philosophy since its foundation. Based on that ideology, it has cultivated unique taste and insight while discovering premium contemporary artworks. Da Xiang will keep putting efforts on art promotion in order to get support from more art lovers. Tomorrow this art space will leave for Seoul, Korea to participate at KIAF (Korea International Art Fair). With such opportunities, Da Xiang Art Space hopes to introduce Taiwanese spirit to the world, making Taiwanese art be spotted and shine on the international stage.

On the eve of our departure, nothing will give us more pleasure than your cheer and support.

Exhibition of Da Xiang Art Space at Art Taipei 2010

A picture of on-the-spot discussion on “Transformation of New Generation Galleries and New Partnership between Art Exhibition and Galleries,” Art Taipei Forum 2010

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