2011 ART ASIA Miami

2011 ART ASIA Miami

U.S.A. Miami

Miami, Here We Come

Another busy year is coming to an end. However, the best is usually saved for last while Art Asia Miami—the climax of the year—is around the corner. It is Da Xiang Art Space’s third participation in Art Asia Miami. Due to our passion for art, we have a strong urge to promote art and grasp as many opportunities as we can to introduce our patronized artists to the world in various international art events. Although there is a long road ahead of us which needs time to plow before it can flourish, we never withdraw but are instead determined to tirelessly promote art around the world.

This year in Art Asia Miami we are scheduled to introduce five artists and their works, including Zhang Yu, Hsu Ruifu, Kan Taikeung, Kim Sunhyoung and Duan Yueheng. Our aim is to let our clients as well as collectors rediscover high-quality Asian artworks since each of the five artists have earned their reputation in many ways: Zhang Yu’s works have long impressed curators in such renowned museums as Metropolitan Museum of Art and the British Museum. His Fingerprint series has got especially much attention and has been exhibited in various international big events due to the fact that fingerprint traces in this series have perfectly revealed the spirit of the Oriental practice. Duan Yueheng, who has been long residing in Canada, has vividly reproduced the vast landscape in North America in his poetic black and white photographs. Further in 2010, Duan also reinterpreted the landscape in Shaoxing, China with the composition similar to the modern ink and wash paintings. Korean artist Kim Sunhyoung is master in the depiction of the conflict between inner feelings and the reality with skillful mature strokes. As for Hsu Ruifu, who just finished his latest solo exhibition in Taiwan, will introduce two new works in 2010 to the world, especially to those foreign collectors who have been concerned for Hsu’s infinite creativity. Last but not the least, Hong Kong artist Kan Taikeung, has exclusive sensitivity as a designer and has therefore created a series of simple poetic water and ink works.

In sum, Da Xiang Art Space aims to present simple delicate works by providing international perspective at Art Asia Miami 2011 so that domestic and foreign high-quality art can be actively promoted. In the end of the year, we sincerely invite you to join us in Art Asia Miami, a spectacular art event that you can’t miss.

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