Da Xiang Art Space is honored to participate at Art Stage Singapore, a recently emerging international premium art exhibition in Asia. During this event, ninety influential galleries from around the world will gather together showing the sublimest and the most creative modern artworks. Art Stage is not only an international market-oriented exhibition but it also retains cultural characteristics of Asian art. Thanks to such features, Art stage will ultimately lead Asian art to a broad road. And Da Xiang Art Space will take this opportunity to introduce the world the representative of Asian art—ink and wash—and its leading artists, including Zhang Yu, Ni Tsaichin, Hsu Ruifu, and Xiao Lu.

Zhang Yu is one of the leading modern experimental ink and wash artists and has advanced thinking in redeveloping ink and wash. Through continuous introspection and experiments, Zhang has completely overturned his conception on ink and wash, leading to changes of his art techniques and making Zhang himself an out-and-out modern artist. In his Fingerprint series, Zhang Yu acts as an ascetic monk and integrates the spirit of Zen in these works. In the series, the artist also shows his attempt to turn around the ink and wash field and hopes to lead it to a new vision. What is particularly worth mentioning about Zhang Yu is his two solo exhibitions at Taiwan Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts and Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. There Zhang Yu’s Fingerprint series are no longer easel paintings but installation artworks; thus a contemporary three-dimensional concept is introduced. Furthermore, Zhang Yu will soon have his next solo exhibition in Beijing Today Art Museum in February 20th, 2011.

Speaking of Ni Tsaichin, his Who is Happiest? Series is slightly ironic and has strong visual impact, again and again challenging viewers’ innate perspective of appreciation. Moreover, his three-dimensional sculptures in the series have further accentuated the irony. In other words, the game-like images in his works bring the tension of irony to its limits and the contrast in his black humor can resonate with viewers, making them smile. As for Hsu Ruifu, his newly-launched series this year is full of unique styles as usual, creating an atmosphere that deeply draws viewers’ attention. Regarding another ink and wash representative artist Xiao Lu, his Love Letter series (since 2009) are dialogues between the artist himself and his inner self. Xiao uses traditional Chinese medicine and ink as his material, portraying the artist’s own emotion at different time points and threading them all together.

Da Xiang Art Space is pleased to have the opportunity participate in the exhibition to introduce more excellent unique artworks to all art lovers around the world. With ceaseless endeavors, we believe that Taiwanese art will keep shining on the international stage.

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