2012 ART ASIA Miami


Duration:2012.12.4~12.9 Booth::A1
Venue:Miami, USA

The 4th Time Da Xiang Art Space Leads Young Taiwanese Artists to Showcase in ART ASIA Miami
ART ASIA Miami, established in 2008, is the most important art fair in America for Asian contemporary art. Held in juxtaposition with the SCOPE art fair, ART ASIA Miami is the only art fair in America committed to showcasing the best art works and offering a platform for international artists to communicate.

It is Da Xiang Art Space’s 4th year to be invited to participate in the fair. We are honored to be one of the featured galleries and selected the works of 4 young Taiwanese artists with a keen eye to showcase. Our enthusiasm to promote art also received the support and help from Ministry of Culture. We hope to bring promising and representative local artists to the international platform and thus increase the opportunities for local artists to be known globally. As a result, we can introduce the international art market to further understand the development of Taiwan’s contemporary art.

Every year ART ASIA Miami attracts many artists and collectors who are interested in Asian contemporary art development. This year we focus on the young Taiwanese artists, Hsu Ruifu, Lin Shihyung, Lee Yiya, and Tsai Yichieh who experience culture shock because of generation change and hope to use their works as a fresh look for interpretation.

Hsu Ruifu is used to look for subjects in everyday life. His works range from the dark side of landscape to observational documentary. The artist, under subconscious self-metamorphosis, attempts to leave clear traces where time and space intersect. As a result, the layers of shading show tranquility in many ways. The works of Lin Shihyung are full of metaphors. His classical realistic presentation draws people to explore his childhood and expect to unveil the mystery of the banana-headed man (the image of Lin’s inner self). Lee Yiya is known for using over-exposed photos to present the space compressed by time and momentary emotion, and remains the moment’s visual memory and leaves the empty place for future self. Tsai Yichieh uses the seemingly familiar places and presents pure landscape with multiple layers in digital context. Therefore, the viewers’ sight no longer stays in the installed images.

Da Xiang Art Space showcases contemporary art from international perspectives and presents high quality exhibitions. We are looking forward to see more complete Asian contemporary art works in ART ASIA Miami.

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