Date:2011.11.09~2012.11.12 Booth:C05

From the artistic point of view, we are able to interpret another entity and its way of living. By doing so, views of different people can co-exist in the world. The 19th Taipei International Art Fair will be opened in November, 2012. More than two thousand works from one hundred and fifty galleries from sixteen countries will be presented. We will be able to see how artists from different countries choose their unique media and how their ideas behind creation are diverse from ours. Viewing their works from our perspective, we have the chance to share their life experiences, which will provide us new insights of life, making us think about our future as well as how to live an alternative life.

In this coming art fair, Da Xiang Art Space will present works of three artists from three different regions, including contemporary curator/artist Zhang Yu from China, ink wash scholar Low Kim-Chit from Singapore, and young talented artist Hsu Ruifu from Taiwan. Through adoption of distinct materials they have been good at, these three artists will convey the cultural vocabulary from different backgrounds.

Zhang Yu is a well-known contemporary concept artist. His Fingerprints series earned a tremendous response in his exhibition in Monaco this year and has been favored by many collectors as well as curators from its neighboring countries. Lain Robertson, Dean of British Sotheby’s, gives Zhang Yu a high praise and has once written a preface for Zhang’s exhibition. What is more, King of Monaco Albert Alexandre Louis Pierre Grimaldi was present at the exhibition in person and purchased Zhang’s works as his own collection. In the same exhibition, Zhang Yu’s Sealed Fingerprints made its debut. To create this new work, the artist combines a wooden glass box with nail polish elements. And with the diversity of media, Zhang has subtly extended the infinite life of his work.

It is Low Kim-Chit’s second time to participate in Taipei Art Fair. Liu seems to have some innate literary charisma and it can be seen in all his works. In his recent two new works in 2012—Riversand Takeishi Figure, Liu combines acrylic, ink wash with pigment on one single rice paper and thus reveals both Chinese and Western styles. On a silent screen Liu not only presents rich media but reproduces multi-layered texture, making his paintings mysterious and oracular. While viewing Liu’s works, the audience may sense the artist’s self-purification as well as his deep thoughts behind the minimalist composition. In other words, when people look at Liu’s paintings, his philosophy gradually becomes clear and visible.

Last but not least, Hsu Ruifu is used to adopting day-to-day material in his creation. From Scenery from the Dark Side and Observation Record, Hsu’s delicate strokes and skills of superimposition have become his distinguishing characteristics. As for his latest work Stamens, it not only possesses the same emotional density as usual, but also releases huge energy in an instant, leaving a clear track in the joints of time and space and mysteriously leading the audience to explore the artist’s inner world.

With our persistence in promoting art, Da Xiang Art Space sincerely invites you to join us to appreciate art and feel its splendid charm.

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