CONTEXT Art Miami 2014

Artists:Zhang Yu, Suh Jeongmin, Sung Hsite, Low Kimchit, Chen Nientzu, Hsu Ruifu, Lin Shihyung, Keng Chiehsheng


Da Xiang Art Space the Only Gallery from Taiwan Invited to the International Art Fair CONTEXT Art Miami 2014 for Three Consecutive Years

Art Miami, international art fair and leading marketplace for contemporary American art, is now entering its 25th year. The fair has been extremely successful in attracting the close attention of numerous developing artists, art gallery owners, curators and art collectors. The upcoming event will present 200 galleries featuring 1,875 artists from a cross 60 countries converging in Miami on December 2-7. In addition to the top American and European galleries, only three Asian galleries received an invitation to participate in this art fair. And, amongst them, Da Xiang Art Space is Taiwan’s only art gallery chosen to participate for three years and counting.

Zhang Yu is a leading artist of Chinese ink painting. His artwork and special performance was successful at the first CONTEXT Art Miami, which earned him the international spotlight. Last year, Da Xiang Art Space co-hosted an exhibition to promote the artist’s work. Both his sales distribution and reputation received widespread support in Miami. Zhang Yu will continue this path by joining eight artists who were chosen to represent Asian art at this year’s exhibition. These artists include Zhang Yu, Suh Jeongmin, Sung Hsite, Low Kimchit, Chen Nientzu, Hsu Ruifu, Lin Shih yung, and Keng Chiehsheng. In each artwork’s presentation and expressions, various sentiments are blended together through a global perspective. These works also serve as a kind of visual explanation of a new kind of understanding and expression from amidst the clash of various cultures.

Aside from continuing to provide Taiwan’s young artists with a voice, this year marks the first time artists Sung Hsite, Low Kimchit, and Chen Nientzu will have set foot in Miami’s international fair. Sung Hsite’s Landscape Series utilizes the material properties of steel and stainless steel. The series depicts a natural setting with imagery of mountains and water alluding to their hidden wisdom. It is an organic creation that elicits an understanding of the nature of time and space. Low Kimchit cleverly uses western art media to tackle Eastern ink methods in painting. Thus, what appears to be an extremely simple picture is actually replete with the profound philosophy of the literati spirit. Chen Nientzu also works with ink and paper. Her works are neither meticulous nor lacking in creativity but rather the opposite: they reveal the impermanence of appearances in a finite space.

Established in 2007, Da Xiang Art Space adheres to a global perspective in the exhibition of contemporary art. It hopes to guide viewers to become a part of a new form of expression in Asian art, and to investigate the philosophical spirit of the East. Da Xiang Art Space also hopes viewers will be able to use their artistic language to express the consciousness of each experience in everyday life. We look forward to opening an elite dialogue on international contemporary art at CONTEXT Art Miami 2014.

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