Founded in November 2007, Da Xiang Art Space is located in the famous National Museum of Natural Science District in Taichung, Taiwan.

The origin concept of Da Xiang has in fact decided while art director Chung Chinghsin was arranging the style of the gallery during the discussion with few art seniors. Da Xiang is in fact the last line of a section which alludes to the unsurpassable extent of the Dao: “The Great Square has no corners, the Great Vessel is never complete, the Great Sound can not be heard, and the Great Image has no form”. “The Great Image has no form” can be understood as the image of the Dao which is without form and cannot be seen. The Great Image is also known as the Image of astronomic, and can be interpreted as the world of human spirit it is only when, at our most pure and sincere, we experience and observe the truth of the realm of the formless, that we are then able to comprehend the impermanence of the world of form.
This 2-story building with 330 ㎡ of floor space with all in white design presents the modern exhibiting space of white cube conception. The main idea is to emphasize on academic research of contemporary art. Dealing with high standard artists around the world, Da Xiang Art Space holds regularly exhibitions, as well as academic seminars, implements art publications, invites curators to direct the academic theme exhibitions, cooperates with art museums to present exhibitions, establishes international strategic cooperation, and participates actively in international art fair. Da Xiang Art Space hopes to share the plural contemporary artistic vision with more art fans with lasting exhibiting planning.