Appreciation / Pure Mind Chinese contemporary water ink exhibition

Appreciation / Pure Mind
Chinese contemporary water ink exhibition

Date:2008.09.05 ~ 2008.10.26
Reception:2008.09.06 14:00
Curator:Pi Daojian
Artists:Zhang Yu‧Wang Tiande‧Wu Yi‧Jhang Jin‧Liang Quan‧Liu Zijian ‧Liu Xuguang‧Pan Ying‧Wei Qingji ‧Yan Shan-chun

“The Megaverse is Unperceivable”
The Spiritual Representation of the Oriental Elements in the Concept of Abstration

The rise of contemporary water ink paiting trend corresponds to the transformation of the modern state of society as well as the subtle human state of mind that yearns for change. The wheel of the world never fails to circle around its axis. In order to supercede one generation with another, the motion of each generation has always been following this circle. Whether in the field of art, architecture, music, design, or fashion, etc., the present age is blazing with the Oriental concepts. Everything interweaves and interfuses with one another under the umbrella of the Oriental elements. China, in the 1990s, has gestated a group of “experimental water ink painting art innovators.” Through methods applied to abstract patterns and mental imagery expressions, those artists endowed the language of water ink painting art with modernity.

“Experienmental water ink painting” is the significant product of a modernized China. Individual artists coming from different cultural backgrounds have dissimilar apprehensions for their status of life. Guided by their distinctive personal tone color, artists have developed a set of artistic creation. These artists inherited traditional Chinese cultivation. Though all devoted to the same art medium, the water ink painting, they differenciate in therir water ink painting skills. In drips and drabs, they paved the path to the fulfillment of humanism and revealed the Oriental elements with spirits of water ink painting.

Da-Xiang Art Space invited acclaimed Chinese art critic Prof. Pi Daojian (as the curator in charing of our Chinese contemporary water ink exhibition titled“Appreciation / Pure Mind.”Exhibited artist works included: , Wu Yi , Liang Quan ,Zhang Yu , Zhang Jin , Liu Zijian , Liu Xuguang, Pan Ying, Wei Qingji , and Yan Shanchun. Through individual idiosyncracy of artists, we shall be able to appreciate the legend of contemporary water ink art.

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