Art Central 2017

Art Central 2017

Duration:2017.03.21 ~ 2017.03.25
Artists:Shen Shaomin, Low Kimchit, Hang Chunhui
Venue:Central Harborfront, Hong Kong


Poetic Space out of Figurativism

The overriding aim of Da Xiang Art Space, founded in 2007, was to “to use curating at an academic standard to establish the style of the Gallery”.  Da Xiang has successfully invited internationally renowned curators to curate invitational exhibitions of Chinese contemporary ink-and-wash, South Korean modern painting, and contemporary art from China, Japan and Korea, and more.  Da Xiang has also launched solo exhibitions of associated artists in Chinese and international art museums, and initiated strategic cooperation with international galleries.  In year 2013 and 2015 Da Xiang has been invited to participate in the Biennale di Venezia. Continuing the present-stage project of implementing “international strategic alliances and activating international links”, and without fearing cyclical changes in the art environment, Da Xiang continues resolutely to promote contemporary art.

The exhibition project this time is to promote a joint exhibition by three artists:

Shen Shaomin ( China, 1956), Low Kimchit ( Singapore, 1966), and

Hang Chunhui ( China, 1976).  In ten years of timelines, each of them has been developing their own familiar art path, and creating newly-built artistic language.

In Shen Shaomin’s works of “ Standard Portraits”, he attempts to reflect on that art should not be affected by any kind of standard under some kind of standard created by a few contemporary art classic figures. By using images with creases to pay respect to the art and his memory of the history, to be self-vigilant, and bring out his own observation and thoughts.

Low Kim Chit’s works are rich in eastern literati ink wash spirits, in its concision style picture subtle and profound philosophy is hidden.   In the mean time while expressing his life values, the topic of return to oneself has also become an important text which he has created for his contemporary era.

As a representative in Chinese New Gongbi paintings, in artist Hang Chunhui’s works, light has always occupied an important position.  Attempting to visually syncretize the “unrealistic” and the “realistic” into one picture plane.  In looking to a  distinctive “state of unrealistic visuality” in his paintings through the handling of blurry light, Hang Chunhui has tried to formalize his own syncretic path in this time and age to which aims to harmoniously connect China and the West.

In the almost ten years that have passed since its founding, Da Xiang has already established the image of the Gallery’s position and branding.  For the second time of participation in Art Central, Da Xiang hopes to get attention for its associated artists

from the Contemporary Art internationally.

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