Exhibition Dates:2017.06.30 ~ 2017.07.02

Venue :Songshan Cultural and Creative Park (No. 2 & 3 Warehouse), Taipei City.

Participating Artists. :Hou Shan-Hu、Hang Chun-Hui

Booth No. :C08


Hang Chun-Hui — Material and Style-Daily Life 

Curator:Chung Ching-Hsin

Light has always occupied an important position in artist Hang Chun-Hui’s creative logic. In downplaying the “linear representation” in Chinese painting, He has attempted to visually syncretize the “unrealistic” and the “realistic” into one picture plane. This not only explores the “sense of light” in the tradition of Western painting, but also tries to represent the “spirit resonance” in the tradition of Eastern painting. Situated in the contradictory elements of the “unrealistic” and the “realistic,” he has looked to a distinctive “state of unrealistic visuality” in his paintings through the handling of blurry light. He has tried to formalize his own syncretic path in this time and age to which aims to harmoniously connect China and the West.



Hou Shan-Hu — Dynamic

Curator:Jia Ting-Feng

At the very moment when Chinese water and ink is about to step into the contemporary era and demonstrate its cross-cultural influence, lady Hou, Shanhu’s great amount of works provides a brand new text. The works of Hou utilizes the media material of Chinese water and ink as her basis of creation; moreover, she grabs the moment where the language of water and ink connects and communicates with the inner self. In other words, her fountain of art creation springs from her heartfelt feeling and visual perception. In the meantime she also explores much experimentally in the dimensions of media, material, and techniques of water and ink, giving a new face to the language expression of water and ink in the dimension of technique. Her works, therefore, provides a door to reflect the possibility for Chinese water and ink to step into the contemporary era.

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