Art-Lets You “Meet Yourself”

藝術‧讓你 「遇見自己」

Date:2008.03.01 – 2008.04.27
Reception:2008.03.01 PM2:00
Curator:Huang Hsiaoyen
Artists:Lin Chaotsang‧Yang Chiungti‧Liu Potsun‧WeiChenhung

It will be the other start of the esthetic experience.

In The Way of Art for Pursuing the Nature of Life, the artists try to return to the original emotions through different kinds of artistic ways. The curator Ms. Huang Hsiao-Yen is continuing exploring this subject: how the artists can “meet themselves” from their own inner activities or even the inner activities between the artists and the spectators.

We always think that we know our face, our emotions and our own character. In fact, we could never truly see ourselves by our eyes. The images from mirror, camera or any other self images came from the indirectly ways are all so-called the virtual reality. That’s the reason that the human discover art as a media to rethink and to describe, like the religion faith and the philosophy dialectical. As what human can be existing? And for which moment, human can be closest to himself? Meeting yourself through different medias, if we can receive the happiness trough , that will be

This time, we invite four artists to give four different examples around art creation this serious subject, however there only human involved can give the real meaning for the art works. As listening the music is so abstract, but composing the note works exactly with mathematics logic. When you are listening the music, you feel your emotion interactive with the rhythm, the melody or the style. The visual art works so without the limit of the style, the material, and the skill. Art works are like a school of fish or the gravels in the ocean, you can always choose and always find your own emotion out of the trendy popular taste.

Meeting yourself is not an easy thing. The most important thing is that we will recognize and face our real pure heart honestly.

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