Dismantling Daily Life

Dismantling Daily Life

Reception:2011.03.05 PM3:00
Curator:Li Chuhsin
Artists:Li Yiya‧Lin Poyu‧Lin Tingting‧Chiu Chunting‧Hsu Shihpei‧Tang Hsuan‧Chen Pinhan‧Huang Chinhua

Every year Da Xiang Art Space organizes an exhibition to exclusively introduce artists of young generation and their fresh creative art works, aiming to give these potential young artists as much support and encouragement as we can. “Dismantling Daily Life” is the exhibition that Da Xiang Art Space organizes this year specially for artists of the post 80’s generation, focusing on how they integrate their core self-concept with contemporary point of view and language to interpret the new vision as well as the atmosphere of the era.

It is our honor to have Li Chuhsin to be the curator of “Dismantling Daily Life”. Under master Li’s curatorship, eight artists of the post 80’s generation will work collaboratively to show us the true face of young generation who lives in the electronic era. In the joint exhibition, these young artists tend to use their sense of privacy as a starting point, adopt different material and techniques while creation, in order to unearth various subtle senses of presence and uncertainty in their lives. Take Li Yiya for example. He uses a regular point-and-shoot camera as a tool, capturing random instant images and transforming them into paintings. By doing so, he compresses the horizon of time and emotion, exaggerates the reality of substance, and then deconstructs the whole meaning of the so-called immediate experience. Take Chiu Chunting for another example. She creates a scene with imaginary time, where she makes her invented characters and things float in space to portray the magic of the inner world. It seems to be a daydream, while her created space is like a jewelry box filled with millions of fantastic stories.

Hsu Shipei is another artist to be introduced in this exhibition. To convey her mental and physical insecurity, Hsu applies pictures of labels and obliteration to her work through unconscious overlap and repetition, trying to get rid of the anxiety in her mind. As for Lin Tingting, she chooses transparent resin as her medium, depicting unconventional realistic paintings. Bowls are Lin’s subjects as well as metaphors, containing the artist’s yearning and love for her father. Tang Hsuan and Lin Poyu are two youngsters who focus on ceramic art. In this joint exhibition, they will display arrays of three-dimensional objects—reflection of their subconscious minds, manifesting their speculation and exploration on their inner lives. Last but not least, Chen Pinhan is the youngest among the eight artists in this joint exhibition. She intentionally draws incomplete animals and naughtily puts riddles on the canvas—”Guess who I am.” In fact, behind each deficient image that has seemingly fully merged with the canvas is a cute rabbit waving to you.

After the above brief introduction, Da Xiang Art Space sincerely hopes you will join us to explore the magic box of the post 80’s generation and to learn how artists of this generation adopt advanced media and skills of electronic age to disclose secrets hidden in every corner in their lives.

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