Eternal Existence — Abugy Solo Exhibition

Eternal Existence — Abugy Solo Exhibition

Date:2014.7.17 ~ 2014.7.30
Reception:2014.7.19 15:00
Curator:Chung Chinghsin

Light, Traces of Life Continued

midst the bustle of the fast-paced world, our hearts move slowly, so they become silent. The method for continuing life is ultimately a sliver of eternal light within our hearts.

Born in Yunlin in 1965, Abugy spent many years studying Buddhism. He has a rich exhibition history. Many of his works have been collected by art museums. In both 2008 and 2009, he held exhibitions in Da Xiang Art Space. His works at that time featured transcendental and fluid characteristics, as if drawn from a mysterious inner strength that led viewers on a journey through their souls. The magnificent and bold strokes use a poetic vocabulary, serializing the landscapes among the many attitudes found throughout the journey of life. Those pursuits of youth, lust, fame, and applause are like light, color, and lines that exist in the works. The non-visual or so-called life value is what really remains.

When reading the exhibition works of Abugy’s Eternal Existence, I believe that he was practicing Buddhism’s virtue of “absolute void and supernatural existence”. Void leads to dharma, and virtue is all there is. It seems to have nothing, but in reality it has everything. After the trials of the various stages of life experiences, the carriers of setbacks agitate each sea spray. Each variety of appearances is once again expressed simply and purely. These works do not reproduce a particular topic or an emphasis on the expression of techniques. Instead, they apply the long-term understating in cultivating oneself and the mind, and use the energy of Eastern ink lines to reveal themselves in Western media. The generous and arbitrary sway does not stick to the possibility of any form. It symbolizes the freedom and preciousness of the heart, a kind of broad and boundless freedom, serene and without obstruction.

The exhibition presents a complete series of works from 2012 to 2014: The Realm of Spiritual Light Series, Serene Light, Mountain and Water, and In Waiting symbolize the integration of the artist’s materiality and spirituality. With this, his works, Seeing, series, are reproduced in the works, Knowing Heart, From Heart, and Pure Heart. The length of the works on display also tells his perspective on viewing life and interpretation of continuation.

Each moment is a natural state of life. Later is not the future, but this moment and today. There is no need for nostalgia or fantasies. The former existence and comfort of plainness lets us continue tolerance and beauty. They are an Eternal Existence.

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