Formosa 101 Art Fair 2016

Formosa 101 Art Fair 2016

Curator: Chang Li Hao

Artist:Sung Hsi Te

Duration: 2016 .05.13- 2016.05.15

Venue:EXPO Dome, Taipei Expo Park

Booth: C15


Repeatedly Worked Iron is Harder Than Gold – Landscapes Created by Masters

by  Chang Li Hao


“One is obliged to acknowledge a coincidence or perhaps a congruence. The evolution of natural forms and the evolution of human perception have coincided to produce the phenomenon of a potential recognition: what is and what we can see (and by seeing also feel) sometimes meet at a point of affirmation. This point, this coincidence, is two-faced: what has been seen is recognized and affirmed and at the same time, the seer is affirmed by what he sees. For a brief moment one finds oneself – without pretensions of a creator – in the position of God in the first chapter of Genesis . . . And he saw that it was good.”

John Berger – The Sense of Sight

Simultaneously Reproducing Nature and Creativity

The new works of art of “Landscapes of Steel” are part of Sung Hsite’s “Landscape Series”. Apart from direct cutting, welding and other direct approaches, he deliberately used heavy iron to create color, radiance, and deep and shallow marks. These techniques recreate the changes on the earth’s crust caused by geological processes such as erosion and sedimentation. Occasionally pure stainless steel is also used to show the reflection of the moon or a lake. For the audience, the seemingly minimalistic style is not only a projection and aesthetics of Taiwan’s mountains and forests, but there is also the spirit of traditional Chinese literati playing and appreciating rocks. We can say that the kinetic energy of the works of art on display is not from the work itself, yet it is rather from the perception and understanding of the audience; thus, bringing out deep feelings. As is said in Taoism, the universe is a gigantic organism with complex and meticulous natural laws, with continuous circle of birth and death. Sung Hsite realizes that creating is not only a method of reproducing nature, but more importantly, it embodies constancy. These two seemingly contradictory views of the universe have expressed an individual’s boundless creative state.

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