Fu-Feeling New Generation Female Artists

Fu-Feeling New Generation Female Artists

Date:2008.05.02- 2008.06.22
Reception:2008.05.03 17:00
Seminar Date:2008.06.01 14:00
Curator:Chung Chenglin

Artists:Wang Chisui‧Ho Mengchuan‧Hou Iting‧Hsu Huiching‧Kuo Huichan‧Agi Chen‧Huang Chianing‧ Lai Peiyu

FU-Feeling The New Generation Female Artists’ CreationThe exhibition was planned by Chung Chenglin, who is a professional researcher in the Asian contemporary art. The original thought of this exhibition is to bring the richness contents of Taiwanese new generation female artists, as well as the discourse between the contemporary intermediary material, themselves, and the environment. We are willing to give the discussion between the spectators and art with the gender.

Since 1980s, introspection on feminism art was becoming a force in Taiwan. After decades, Taiwan’s feminism art movement entered a new age. For that reason, female artists gained more space on creation, either in the way of express. This change was effected by the new society structure. Compared with earlier artists, these age’s creations content more living experience. The artists take themselves as an important media for explosion and interpretation of the world. Creation just like a diary, shows “My experience.”, “What’s my feelings?” and “How I create?”

This exhibition arranged by steady researching and intends to make audience really touching the art works through visually disposing. We expected the spectators will vibrated by exhibition and knowing “How do artists watch themselves?” “How they feel the world?” and “How their creation touches it?”

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