Korean Contemporary Art Now – Time+Time

Korean Contemporary Art Now - Time+Time

Curator :Kim Ikmo

Artists:Kim Ikmo、Kang Un、Kim Sangyeon、Son Bongchae、

Lee Leenam、Kim Jinhwa、Jin Siyon

Duration :2017.05.06 ~ 2017.06.25

Opening Reception :2017.05.06(SAT) 15:00



Time is a flowing poem

With the global rise of the “Korean Wave”, Korean Contemporary Art has successively gained international exposure, and among South Korean cities Gwangjiu, which is located in the Jeolla Province, has been given the name of “Art Hometown”. Within the rich cultural diversity of the country, the city is considered to posses a unique and strong humanistic character.


No matter where, artistic creations express the emotions of the culture they come from, ablating the complicated obtuseness of the world. Over the last decade South Korea has been healing from the trauma of an history of obstructions: Feminism has risen up, the science and technology industry is developing, contemporary art has become a part of nowadays lifestyle, a new generation of ambitious Korean artists is active on the international stage. As Korean art is increasingly booming, Da Xiang Art Space has launched “Time + Time”, a joint exhibition showing the works of seven artists: Kim Ikmo, Jiang-Yoon, Kim Sangyeon, Kwai Fung Hin, Lee Lee Nam, Kim Jin-Hua, and Jin Siyon, giving us an insight about the current prosperity of Korean contemporary art.


As pointed out in the discourse by the curator Kim Ikmo, “Time + Time” refers to two dimensions: one is space, the other is time. From an extension of the spatial perspective it can be pointed out that the emotional disturbance caused by environmental changes is an important source of inspiration for the artists. Through their eyes, they observe our contemporary life, human environment, and identity, also recomposing the elements of those memories so to turn them into something of different nature and shape. The creations of these seven artists respectively summarize the memory of their hometown culture, the blooming honesty and the emotions. From the time point of view, by using different media of expression, the artists’ creations are like time sections; by using the lightness of the contemporary art language, they weight the heaviness of the past, gracefully ascending to the sky.


The French poet Paul Valéry once wrote: “One should be light like a bird, and not like a feather”. From these artistic works, it can be seen that “lightness” is something accurate, refined, and has a sense of speed. The artists have captured both the visible and invisible things, going beyond what we perceive and we can see with our own eyes.


This exhibition also allows us to review the current situation of Taiwan Contemporary Art. Whether “Time” refers to the past, the present, or the future, in May 2017 the Da Xiang Art Space is playing the role of a bridge connecting the extremities of two cultures, attempting to draft the flow of time and space, putting on display the spectacularity of contemporary art in nowadays South Korea society.

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