Landscape of Synchronicity- Lee Sangmin Solo Exhibition

Landscape of Synchronicity- Lee Sangmin Solo Exhibition

Reception:2011.06.04 PM3:00
Curator:Li Chuhsin

The Da Xiang Art Space is dedicating to introduce the artists and works from all over the world with an international thought and view point to whom loves art in Taiwan since open. Today, we are honor to present the Korean glass artist Lee Shangmin and his and his unique creation in his work.” Scenes of Synchronicity.”

Having glanced at the title, you might be curious about the term “synchronicity”. In this context, it refers to the interaction between mind and matter. It is also the common essence of all existent forms in the universe. Like water, which is the source of everything, it has both quality of space and time. Despite the fact that “synchronicity” has the concept of ceaseless capriciousness, it is the most appropriate element in the natural order. “The flow of water is the crossing flow of time. Movement of stones is also time-related being. By expressing time crossing through water, I understand the dignity and depth of natural being and such depth approaches us as crossing of existence through the medium of stones.”

As a transparent material, the beautiful result is the birth of the careful of artist. Lee’s glass work is not only the painting but also sculpture. They usually contain some incidentally composed but artificial images that are collocated with some natural traces, thus creating a very delicate and perfect space. In such works, certainty and fortuity coexist perfectly while natural and artificial forces well merge, thus having created a dynamic network of harmony to a nicety. In other words, these works would not have been that perfectly dynamic if the artist had added or subtracted even just a bit. Tending to stack up layers and layers of glass in order to build a stylish cornerstone with thick plates is the cornerstone to the style. Lee hopes to find some perspective view by carving and “synchronicity of different times”. Be they blurred semi-transparent sticky color layers, accumulated images occasionally created by gravity, or various untouchable forces such as “thickness of time” and “dynamic of expending,” they are all fascinated and worth our attention. Lee’s efforts to “reshape the previous patterns and go beyond the conventional style” have skillfully triggered some untouchable subtle changes in his works. So every time when we look at them, we cannot but keep wondering where the instant impression has gone and what has been left.

Da Xiang Art Space sincerely invite you come to join the time travel in Lee’s works, seeing the time seems exist in the nothingness glasses. ”Landscape of Synchronicity- Lee Sangmin Solo Exhibition.” 2011.06.04~07.17

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