Medium‧Transform–Composing Young Melody

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Medium‧Transform--Composing Young Melody

Reception:2010.06.19 15:00
Curator: Li Chuhsin
Artists: Hsu Ruifu‧ Hsu Weihu‧Chiu Chienjen‧ Hsu Chihung‧ Lin Tingting

“Composing Young Melody” aims to present various appearances of the youth.
Since its foundation, Da Xiang Art Space has organized one or two fixed exhibitions for young artists every year, giving potential young artists a stage to show their creativity and uniqueness. “Weak Painting 2009” is one example, which was sponsored by Da Xiang and Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts. Soon after its launch last year, “Weak Painting” aroused intense discussion in the art field and has lasted for a while. Some critics even joined the discussion and wrote a series of comments about this show. “Reality/Difference” is another exhibition hosted by Da Xiang Art Space for young artists. Through that exhibition, disadvantaged young artists focusing on realistic issues were finally given opportunities to be visible. And thanks to Da Xiang’s promotion, such realistic works become trendy since then.

The objective of “Composing Young Melody 2010” is to arouse another intense discussion, trying to evoke different thoughts among artists at the similar age. Works in this exhibition are all created by academic artists at thirties, who adopt different materials to unveil their true selves. The main theme of this exhibition is to explore the phenomenon how outer social experiences influence these young artists and how it leads to their diverse inner worlds. Five young arists are invited in this exhibition—Hsu Ruifu, Hsu Weihui, Chiu Chienjen, Hsu Chihung and Lin Tingting. And we look forward to seeing them present the youthful and dynamic facet of Da Xiang Art Space.

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