Reminiscence, the Hidden Corner – Wang Chi Sui Solo Exhibition

Reminisence, the Hidden Corner - Wang Chi Sui

Curator:Chang Lihao

Duration:2017.04.01 ~ 2017.04.30
Opening Reception:2017.04.01( Sat.) 15:00


The Gaze, in Ever Undetermined Tense

 by Chang Li-Hao


“Whatever the painter is looking for, he’s looking for its face. All the search and the losing an the refinding is about that, isn’t it? And ‘its face’ means what? He’s looking for its return gaze and he’s looking for its expression – a slight sign of its inner life. And this is true whether he is painting a cherry, a bicycle wheel, a blue rectangle, a carcass, a river, a bush, a hill or his own reflection in a mirror.”

John Berger, The Shape of a Pocket, (for Miquel Barceló)


After accepting an invitation to pen this essay, “the corner” seems to automatically initiate an operative order to control the optic nerves. In an instant I incarnated into a treasure hunter relying on a yellowed, worn map of unverified authenticity, searching in all directions for possible sites where rare and precious treasures may be buried. In this conundrum, all views that greet the eyes become gradually unheimlich, with an uncanny feeling that is difficult to express. This is not simply about finding, behind the couch where dust has collected, a delicate spider’s web spun in an unknown moment that holds a shimmer in the sunlight cascading from the big picture window; nor is it excavating from a mountain of books, a note scribbled in my youth that was never sent… but rather, a more significant difference of temporarily laying aside reason to await a moment of epiphany. The corporeal body is removed from any event and object in the present moment, leaving only thought and spirit to move unfettered in the interstices of time to experience those faint, hazy visions.

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