Su Hsihyi-Shaping Time

Su Hsihyi-Shaping Time

Date:2013.03.02 ~ 2013.04.07
Reception:2013.03.02  15:00
Curator:Tseng Hsuehyen

Su’s Ultimate Spirit All Along

Su Hsinyi, the Kaohsiung Culture and Arts Award winner, has always interpreted his caring attitude toward society with artistic vocabulary. Along the production journey, he respects and explores the local culture, demonstrating vitality and pursuing the quality possessed by art.

Su, honored with the title of the important leader during the 60 years after the second Sino-Japanese War, was born in Chiayi in 1948 and graduated from Department of Fine Arts, National Taiwan Normal University. He devoted himself for a very long period to art education and art production endlessly for decades. In 1997, he led nearly thirty art ambassadors to initiate “Deliver Art to the Doorstep” Campaign in hospitals, theaters, factories, and communities. They held hundreds of lectures on famous impressionist artists. Su did his best to promote primitive art. Looking back from his first solo exhibition, “Dark / Bright / Island”, to “Shaping Time by Su Hsinyi” Exhibition in Da Xiang Art Space this year, viewers can realize his passion for this land and his life journey experience because the works show the embrace life as well as vows of art.

This exhibition mainly showcases two periods of works, the large canvas art works during 1996 to 2001 and the new series in 2012. Decoupage art, surrealism and abstractionism can not exactly describe Su’s art works. His ultimate spirit releases profound emotions. The mild atmosphere constructs the flows and melody of time, transforming the progress of vanishing time into a visible material. Moreover, the new series in 2012 makes use of different media to place visible objects, such as pink rhinos and pine nuts, on the flat surface. This creates a sense of conflict, yet with peaceful coexistence. Just like life journey, it is mixed and matched with accidents and surprises, but people can manage to ride through. The textures as a result of layers of pigments stacking on canvas produce another object at the moment which stresses the presence and truth. Each casual line or item, without too much color exaggerated, is an expression of forthright brushwork. All of these go back to the sensation in the very beginning of production.

It has been six years since Su’s last solo exhibition. He gives us a new form of artistic aesthetics. There is a subtle relation of viewing and being viewed between the viewers and the art works. The production thinking and skills are no longer confined to any specific style. What unfolds in front of us is the unique artistic vocabulary belongs to Su.

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