Viewpoint.Point of View – A Fresh Observation on Taiwanese Wood Sculptur

Viewpoint.Point of View -
A Fresh Observation on Taiwanese Wood Sculptur

Date:2013.05.11 ~ 06.02
Reception:2013.05.11 15:00
Curators:Yang pei-chen,Lain Yun-Hsin, Atsushi yoshida

Narrating the Reality with a Chisel
—A Sculpture, an Account of Life

These artists are seeking an outlet for their passion by carving—not by painting or brushing, and try to view every corner of the world with ultimate enthusiasm. What they are engraving is their truest self-observation, implying that a whole new creative language and spirit are shaping.

Wood carving has long occupied a place in Taiwanese culture and it can be seen everywhere, from daily used practical objects and exquisite statues of gods to artistic creation. In other words, wood carving in Taiwan covers diverse features while it can be a practical tool, folk art or a cultural product. What is more, with the dramatic change of society and the influence of western aesthetics, artists of nowadays have not only developed revolutionary themes, methods and mixed media but also broadened interpretation of traditional wood carving art. In recent years when artistic expression of individual style gradually becomes the mainstream, wood carving art in Taiwan has therefore opened a new road.

It is Da Xiang Art Space’s honor to organize Viewpoint.Point of View—A Fresh Observation on Taiwanese Wood Sculpture and have invited professors Yang Pei-Chen, Lai Yun-Hsin and Atsushi Yoshida as curators of the exhibition. It is a joint exhibition by nineteen student-artists from five universities—Da-Yeh University, Taipei National University of the Arts, Tainan National University of the Arts, National Taiwan University of Arts and Chang Jung Christian University. They include Ting Yuan-Qian, Jiang Ji-Ming, Lu Jia-Wen, Wu Zhong-Cheng, Wu Yi Wei, Lin Zhe-Yu, Lin Ding-Yi, Zhou Xue-Han, Geng Jie-Sheng, Yuan Xin-Yuan, Zhang Bo-Feng, Zhang Guo-Yao, Chen Yi-Ching, Chen Ji-Rong, Yo Zong-Mu, Liu Yi-Ting, Zeng Shang-Jie, Yan Wen-Shan and Dai Han-Hong. In the exhibition, these artists will articulate their views as well as their viewpoints through one of the most moderate materials—wood. While physical and qualitative features of wood react on each other, different reactions then lead to different forms of creation. More specifically speaking, these two features not only oppose to but also depend on each other, thus naturally creating an indescribable life status from a seemingly static object.

From the selection of appropriate wood material, to the perfection of their designs, and last to chiseling of the wood chunk, artists are transforming their memory collected at that moment at that place to a unique sensory point of view. Later, while they use their skills wisely, they create a complex object with life. Besides, due to their critical reflection on commonly encountered issues and their application of a variety of media, these artists have far transcended the earlier customary wood carving imagery. Therefore, their sculptures cannot only impress the audience as pure, naked and healing art, but also convey a strong force from such a moderate medium. In sum, these artists are manifesting their irreplaceable qualities unique to their generation and trying to capture the eternity by depicting the transient moment of the present.

Right now is a revolutionary moment while this exhibition provides young wood sculptors a wonderful opportunity to stand on stage and encourages them to bravely face challenges before they can live up to their full potential.

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