Viewpoint.Point of View”—To View and to Be Viewed

Viewpoint.Point of View”—To View and to Be Viewed

Reception:2012.5.26 PM3:00
Curator:Chung Ching hsin

The way human beings view the world varies as technology advances. It is because the progress of technology cannot only provoke people’s imagination but make the world more colorful. The act of viewing itself is no longer a simple function by merely “watching with one’s eyes.” Instead, what is really seen greatly differs according to various viewing behaviors.

And it is Da Xiang Art Space’s honor to have invited nineteen domestic and foreign artists with different artistic backgrounds to communicate their unique viewpoints as well as points of view. They include Yu Jidong, Lee Yiya, She Wenying, Lin Tzuchuan, Chou Taichun, Lin Shihyung, Wu Yueyang, Chiu Huayu, Shih Bosiang, Kuo Poyu, Chen Kaichih, Chen Shiaupeng, Tzeng Yongning, Huang Chinhua, Wan Jouyin, Tasi Yichieh, Liu Chengjui, Hsieh Szu, and Yen Yuting. And below is the brief introduction of each artist.

Yu Jidong is from China and he manifests his artistic point of view by collaging pseudo realistic ink wash images. Lee Yiya is a specialist in the use of over-exposure photograph to show the temporary compression of time and emotion. She Wenying hopes to seek for a sense of trust and belonging by showing how pets fawn on their masters. Lin Tzuchuan uses geometric figures to reveal a sense of escape from the reality. Chou Taichun tries to narrate the issues about reality by presenting special airspace. Lin Shihyung reconstructs things he has observed with classical realistic techniques rich in implications and metaphors. Wu Yueyang uses woven metal fabrics to extend the visual effect to prove that the space can bring vast and unbounded point view. Chiu Huayu preserves the original shape of the stone to reappear the lines and beauty of human bodies, creating a conflated sense of fiction and reality. Shih Bosiang reconstructs the intimate dialogue between the trees and birds that he has sensed in the nature and reflects his point of view in his works. Kuo Poyu changes the point of view by skillfully using the plasticity of material to reveal the fact of excessive packaging in our daily life. Chen Kaichih juxtaposes artificial sculptures and original figures to disclose the possibility of coexistence of different creatures and to eliminate hatred among them. Chen Shiaupeng creates special puzzling tangram-like vocabulary to try to deconstruct time and space. Tzeng Yongning paints with pens and boldly plays with colors to reconstruct the colorfulness in the real world. Huang Chinhua adopts delicate brush strokes to explore the world of inner self. Wan Jouyin makes a clever conversion of color and boldly turns concrete things abstract. Tasi Yichieh reproduces familiar scenery around us by presenting it in multi-layer digital framework. Liu Chengjui interprets the interaction between objects and environment in a brand-new way and thus gives viewers a strong visual impact. Hsieh Szu soaks some species in the liquid to create a virtual point of view distant from the reality. Last but not the least, Yen Yuting hopes to simplify the real world down to the paper and ink.

Da Xiang Art Space’s honor to invited you to join us exploring the different perspectives and viewpoints of each artists !

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