Without Shape ——a Thinking Format that Transcends the Medium

Without Shape
——a Thinking Format that Transcends the Medium

Date:2012.11.03 ~ 2012.12.30
Reception:2012.11.3  15:00
Curator│Zhang Yu
Artists│Lee Ufan(Korea)/ Flat painting(cloth、color powder of mineral rock), Toyomi Hoshina(Japan)/ installation painting(Paper installation), Shih Jinhua(Taiwan)/Action painting (Behavior painting, paper, pencil),Liang Quan(China)/ Flat(linen, xuan paper collage),Liu Xuguang(China)/ painting(Painting on the photo), Zhang Yu(China)/ installation(Fingerprints behavior, Nail Polish, glass) Qin Chong(China)/ installation(Burning paper), Xu Hongming(China)/ Flat(cloth, color powder of mineral rock), Maartje Blans(Netherlands)/ installation painting(Paper, cloth, cotton line, charcoal)

Da Xiang Art Space’s 5th Anniversary:
Without Shape——a Thinking Format that Transcends the Medium

Persistence Is Always One of Our Virtues
“Five years” is not a period of time means through a period of history, but also one kind of ideal persistence. Five years ago, Da Xiang Art Space made its debut “A Shapeless Grand Image” and thus opened the prelude to the promotion of abstract art. Since then, Da Xiang has been maintaining a consistent enthusiasm for abstract art, as well as pursuing for elite art. We have been not only adhered to the virtue of persistence, but strongly believed what we’ve believed from the start. Therefore, we have developed our own style, broadened our horizons to international art markets, and courageously challenged the impossibilities. This exhibition not only marks a milestone for Da Xiang on its fifth anniversary but also manifests a more specific purpose to follow the academic requirements. At the moment of our 5th anniversary it is our honor to have Zhang Yu, a well-known Chinese contemporary artist and curator, to meticulously organize an exhibition for us, named Without Shape——a Thinking Format that Transcends the Medium.

We, Da Xiang Art Space, have been tending to organize academic-art related exhibitions, which later become one of our key features. Also, we have been actively participating in remarkable international art fairs, which lay a foundation for our positioning. What is more, we not only collaborate with numerous domestic and foreign galleries to strengthen our identity but at the same time join international strategic alliances to characterize ourselves as an international gallery. During the past five years, Da Xiang Art Space has been cooperating with many renowned Taiwanese and foreign curators as well as artists and thus has fulfilled most of the academic requirements. We have also held many important historical exhibitions, such asLiú Yung-Jen curated “ Exploring the Wasteland – The Eight Highwaymen of the East” in 2012. The exhibition was held to celebrate Ton Fon Art Group’s fifty-sixth anniversary and it was the first and the only complete collection of“Eight Gallants”—Ton Fon’s eight initiators—in Taiwan in recent ten years. Moreover, from the end of 2010 to 2011, we co-organized an exhibition with Museum of Contemporary Art titled “Mediaholic ARTS of Ni Tsai Chin”, which was the first large-scale solo exhibition organized for Taiwanese artists ever. Almost at the same time, we curated Zhang Yu’s solo exhibitions both in Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts and in Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. Besides, we also invited Boyi Feng to curateSelf-Cultivation─ Zhang Yu’s Fingerprints works 1991-2001” in Today Art Museum in Beijing, China. And thanks to this series of exhibitions, Zhang won the 6th AAC Award for the Most Influential Powers of Chinese Art and became the first winner in the category of ink wash. In addition, Zhang Yu himself has curated two exhibitions for Da Xiang Art Space: Chang—An Exhibition of Contemporary Art in 2009 and The Terminating Ink and Wash Painting—FromInk PaintingtoInkin 2010. These exhibitions have aroused much scholarly discussion and further strengthened our positioning in pursuing spiritual art.

As a gallery agent, it is inevitable that we must comply with the market mechanism. What we have been working hard is trying to bring our artists to international expositions. And thanks to the fact that most of our patronized artists are rather academic and internationally renowned, we have entered international art market more smoothly. Besides, over the past five years, we have participated in a number of well-known art fairs, such as ARCOmadrid, Scope Basel, Art Asia Miami, Art Stage Singapore, KIAF, Art Taipei, to name just a few. Through the participation of such international fairs, we have laid a foundation in the international art network, and become a member of international strategic alliances. Now we are working on the cooperation with galleries in New York, Hong Kong and Monaco respectively. And it is our honor that Albert II, King of Monaco decides to collect some of Zhang Yu’s works.

Da Xiang Art Space has chosen a different path from others. Although unconventional, we strongly believe that we are on a right path. As for our plan for next year, we still aim to interact with domestic and international art galleries around the world. By doing so, we hope to bring more sparks to the field and look forward to another five years at a steadier pace.

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