Yueheng Duan’s Photography: Black & White

Yueheng Duan's Photography: Black & White

Reception:2010.11.19 PM2:00
Curator:Chung Chinghsin

As a trend of digital camera photography, traditional black and white photography today is getting declining. It changes our convention with camera day by day via the great progress of technology. Traditional photography becomes an old school. But we can’t deny it does reflect the truly world inside the photographer with the traditional photography. It is important to all photographers now to combine old style with the new one to reform a better way in the advance of technology.

When we look at Duan’s work, it is easily to find out the deeply meditation and the peaceful atmosphere that make us likely to achieve greatness with these pictures. The simple combination of color, especially black, white and gray, it depict out the serene of his work. The technique of wild-angle and slow shutter catch up the trace and subtle rhythm of all creation in this world. Handle with the tempo of video and the ratio of color, it makes the simple picture carry more secret inside. It is a kind of space created with the understanding of nature and life. Even more an emotion which fermented for a long time extends out in the air.

All theses amazing pictures which do really surprised we are kind of miracle mad by digital SLR camera!

Duan Yueheng handles the visional composition as excellent as large format with the digital SLR camera less than 200 million pixels. The feeling in an upsurge inside likely make up a gorgeous movement through the digital material 0 and 1.Duan’s work take us to unexpected scenery by these simple and beautiful materials. It may be a towering mountain or magnificent ocean, the twist branch even the rushing river. It builds meditation space could pacify people with theses which easy to get in life or look forward on purpose. Look through his works; we will be touched by the kind and warm halo behind the peaceful picture.

Sincerely invites you come to join us, appreciating this amazing work hold in11/29~12/26 at Da Xiang Art Space.

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