Zhang Yu: Diffused Fingerprints

Zhang Yu: Diffused Fingerprints

Venue:National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall (De Ming Gallery)
Opening Reception:7/24 14:00
Opening Forum:7/24 15:00
Organizer:National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall 、Hsienchi Foundations
Co-organizer:Da Xiang Art Space

On “Diffused Fingerprints”
Zhang Yu, a famous contemporary ink-art artist in China, has lounged his latest Fingerprints series with Da Xiang Art Space all over world. This year, 24th July-1 August, 2010, Zhang will present his own solo show in National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Taipei.

“Diffused Fingerprints” is a new experiment with fingerprinting for Zhang Yu. His intention was to use this ‘narrative’ space to create a different kind of experience and a different kind of quality from fingerprinting. “Diffused Fingerprints” is not just a new aesthetic departure for him. For exhibition-goers it is unlike anything they have previously experienced on walking into an exhibition space or known about conventions of art appreciation. Entering the exhibition hall, they at the same moment walk into the work of art, and are enveloped and dominated by the mood of the piece.

“Diffused Fingerprints” is a metaphor for being in the midst of contemporary society’s rapid development. Every day, there are countless projects and collaborations in all kinds of areas that are cordially contracted by making one’s sign under solemn circumstances. But how many of these contracts are promised? In today’s practical society, what is a promise to people? All the crooked schemes that we hear of make it hard for people to believe anything. “Diffused Fingerprints” is Zhang’s understanding of the world. Fingerprinting represents his attitude toward life.

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