56th Venice Biennale – Personal Structures / Time-Space-Existence

56th Venice Biennale - Personal Structures / Time-Space-Existence

Duration:2015.05.06 ~ 2015.11.22
Venue     :Palazzo Bambo


Personal Structures / Time-Space-Existence


56th Venice Biennale is going to start in this early May, and Da Xiang Art Space has been honored to participate in this great event twice now. Also, Chinese contemporary artist Zhang Yu will be exhibiting at Palazzo Bembo this year for his second time of exhibition with Venice Biennale. We are always insisted on the idea of promoting our artists internationally by actively attending important art biennales and art fairs abroad the seas. At the same time, we also expand the popularity globally as a Taiwanese art gallery.


La Biennale di Venezia is a biennale that has a hundred years history, and it is juxtaposed with Kassel Documenta and The Bienal Internacional de Sao Paulo, as the three most important visual art exhibitions. There are three major exhibitions in the biennale: Central Pavilion, National Pavilions, and Collateral Events. And, Collateral Events selected the independent curators, who have global point of views, to be part of the exhibition by the criteria of the artist’s creativity and academic position in the art field.


Collateral Events is holding the exhibition at Palazzo Bembo. Moreover, Palazzo Bemobo was built by the Bemobo nobility in the 15th century, and it is an architecture that contains high cultural value and artistic atmosphere. Zhang Yu is going to present his artworks with various forms like installation, video, and paintings. Zhang Yu will present his Fingerprints series with the comprising work that are images constructed out of fingerprint marks on xuan paper, and this shows the concepts of self-cultivation and the idea of Zen. Zhang Yu is not looking for the meaning of “fingerprints” itself, but the ideas towards the study of method and creativity.


Moreover, Zhang Yu constructs Occurrence as his own individual system; it restores brush-and-ink to characteristics of water, of ink and of paper. This artwork’s progress links to a natural relationship of subject, and it leads this environmental installation to become an empty-there-non-being-notion-thought installation with an absent subject. Regarding to the artist’s individual system, his creations are the expressions of his thoughts and conceptual characters.

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