2011 ARCOmadrid

2011 ARCOmadrid

Date:2011.02.16~2011.02.20 8F01
Madrid, Spain

Da Xiang Art Space is pleased to announce our participation at ARCO Madrid, Spain this February, and we are honored to have the opportunity to show our premium artworks to worldwide collectors. Thanks to its powerful organizing ability and the continuous support from its local government, ARCO Madrid has become one of the most eye-catching events among gallery agents, artists and art lovers since its foundation in 1982, attracting large crowd of visitors from around the world every year.

Bearing our company philosophy “selecting the different and making the selection unique,” Da Xiang Art Space decides to introduce the European market a group of different elite modern artists—Zhang Yu, Ho Kan, Ni Tsaichin, Li Chuhsin, and Hsu Ruifu. As one of the leading modern ink and wash artists, Zhang Yu, through constant introspection and experiments, keeps challenging the stereotypes that have been long existing traditional ink and wash paintings. As seen in Fingerprint series, in which Zhang acts as an ascetic monk and integrates the spirit of Zen in his creation, the artist’s attempt to turn around the ink and wash field is manifest.

As for another elite artist Ho Kan, despite vivid colors and seemly pithy geometric forms, his works are infused with strong eastern spirit. Also, in Ho’s creation he usually extends the abstract ideology outward boundlessly, then reverses it inward, and ultimately sublimes it to an infinite imaginary world. As to Ni Tsaichin, his Super Super Flat series are full of ironies to art, in which the artist adopts elements of anime to create utmost tension. On the other hand, in Li Chuhsin’s Red Memory, the artist uses metaphors to create indescribable suspense as well as presence—profound and unpredictable. Last, down-to earth simplicity present in Hsu Ruifu’s sketches can bring out viewers’ subconscious inner selves in a subtle way, allowing them to linger in a real but dreamlike world.

In sum, having strong passion for art and insistence on “selecting the different and making the selection unique,” Da Xiang Art Space is trying to go deep into the international art world while introducing more local outstanding and unique artists to people around the world. And we believe that our participation at ARCO Madrid will surely bring us to another peak. Here we’d like to sincerely invite you to join and meet us there in Madrid, Spain.

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