2011 SCOPE Basel

2011 SCOPE Basel


Since its debut in 2007, Scope Basel has become one of the most popular and large-scale outside fairs in Art Basel. Other than Basel, Scope Foundation now also organizes art fairs in Miami, London, New York, Hampton and other places, showing the capability of the foundation. Moreover, Scope offers the best platform as well as opportunities for art collectors and galleries around the world to not only discover rising stars but display most unique art works.

Invited by the organizer, Da Xiang Art Space will participate for the second time in Scope Basel. As the only participant from Taiwan, we are honored to join other renowned galleries from global artistic cities such as New York, London and Berlin to show splendid contemporary art works. During this exhibition, we will mainly introduce the latest works by Zhang Yu, Ho Kan and Hsu Ruifu.

Zhang Yu, an elite as well as representative artist of contemporary ink painting in China, keeps challenging, through constant introspection and experiments, the stereotypes long existing in traditional ink and wash paintings. In his Fingerprint series, Zhang acts as an ascetic monk and integrates the spirit of Zen in his creation while the artist’s attempt to turn around the ink and wash field is manifest. By repeatedly pressing fingerprints, the artist is trying to show his persistence and commitment in art creation. Verbal explanation may seem redundant while viewers can perceive from the works themselves the artist’s mind state that has been deeply influenced by Eastern philosophy. Besides, however simple the act of pressing can be, the countless fingerprints represent a silent response to the contract culture in contemporary society.

As for Ho Kan, he tends to use vivid colors as well as seemly pithy geometric forms while adopting stone engraving surface and calligraphy. Therefore, his works are infused with strong eastern spirit. In addition, despite the fact that Ho’s works present some sort of rational division, they have the touch of poetic solitude. Also, in Ho’s creation, he usually extends the abstract ideology outward boundlessly, and then reverses it inward to ultimately sublime it to an infinite imaginary world.

Last but not the least, Hsu Ruifu has created new oil paintings which will be exhibited at Da Xiang Art Space by the end of 2011. Learning that news, those collectors who favor Hsu are very anxious to see his new works. Due to the artist’s subconscious self-transformation and inner changes, Hsu’s works turn more sophisticated, showing freer application of multiple colors and more mature skills. Through various exploration and experiments in his earlier series “Scenery from the Dark Side” and “Observation Record”, Hsu has become more experienced in his latest creation and his technique has reached the ultimate. Thus, Hsu’s new works are definitely worth viewing.

All in all, driven by our strong passion for art, Da Xiang Art Space has been trying hard to introduce as many local outstanding and unique art works as we can to people around the world, hoping to bring these artists to another peak. Here we’d like to sincerely invite you to join and meet us in Scope Basel.

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