Venue: Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Center, Singapore
Booth Number: A3-05

Da Xiang Art Space’s Making a Landing on Art Stage Singapore

It is Da Xiang Art Space’s honor to be invited for the second time to participate in Art Stage Singapore. This time we will, upon the request of the organizer, have an exhibition exclusively of Zhang Yu’sFingerprint series—as you may know that Zhang is one of the Chinese contemporary ink and wash leading artists.

Since the early 1980s, Zhang, while devoting himself to contemporary ink and wash creation, has been actively promoting this art through various activities such as planning, researching, publishing, exchanging, etc. In other words, he is one of the most aggressive practitioners as well as promoters in Chinese experimental ink art. Therefore, tracing back Zhang’s artistic career and his different creation stages is just like viewing a chronicle of the development of Chinese contemporary ink and wash art after the reforms of China from the beginning of 1980s.

As a veritable leading contemporary ink and wash artist, Zhang has always had most innovative and advanced thinking. After continuous deliberation and experiments, Zhang has set himself free from the rigid disciplines of conventional “ink and wash painting.” Since then, he has no longer sticked to the traditional ink and wash form but instead turned to something more metaphysical. And such a change has manifested the advent of the age of modern art. Take Zhang Yu’s Fingerprints series for example. Zhang acts like a Chan (Zen) practitioner who deliberately leaves traces on the pictures. By doing so, he has not only revealed his innovative concept on ink and wash, but is trying to provide a new vision of this field. Besides, what is also worth mentioning is that Zhang has extended the choice of materials as well as display layout: Instead of drawing on paper as predecessors had done, Zhang chose to paint on silk. Also, instead of merely flat easel paintings, his Fingerprint works have become three-dimensional and avant-garde installation artworks.

In sum, among Zhang’s adoption of fingerprints and Chan (Zen) practice in his creation lie wide and deep influences. They have not only spread to the present cultural context but also helped constructing a set of new contemporary value. Moreover, this series is also closely related to the transformation of Chinese contemporary art as well as the exploration of issues about what innovation or border of art is. Here Da Xiang Art Space sincerely invites you to join us in Singapore to delve into the infinite possibilities of art.

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